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The Clothes


The clothes...

Ten Essentials

At the core of every wardrobe are essential garments that are interchangeable, timeless, sleek, and functional.

The Proper Attire US '10 Essentials' takes the guess-work out of shopping and choosing what to wear each day. When you stop to think about what in your closet is truly essential, you think of your favorite tee. Your favorite hoodie. Your favorite pair of joggers. 

Fashion is incredibly wasteful. In the US 10.5 million tons of clothing end up in dumpsters or incinerators each year, and contribute to more waste on this planet. Stick to the basics: get Proper.

Ethically Sourced

Proper Attire US aims to advocate sustainability in our materials and making. We strive to actively reduce our impact on the earth by using high-quality and eco-friendly fabrics and materials whenever possible, from our organic cotton and bamboo, to our jersey made from recycled PET bottles.

Born in the Bay Area with factories and fabric mills based in the state of California, Proper Attire US strives to support locally sourced labour and build sustainable, honest supply chains, from concept to consumer.

Gender Neutral

Proper Attire US designs clothes that aim to promote gender positivity and self-identification, while blurring the archaic gender boundaries long associated with buying clothing.

The '10 Essentials' collection achieves this through the use of universally timeless silhouettes, simple design and high quality materials. Our clothes are stylish, flattering, easy to wear and easy to style, regardless of gender.

Proper Attire US wants to promote a more inclusive and accessible form of fashion, as well as feeling confident and comfortable in one's own skin; regardless of what you choose to wear or who you choose to be.