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Understand the brand behind fashion revolution. We explore topics such as sustainability, gender identity, wellness practices, and more.

On Mindfulness

Gabriella Gordillo

Mindful, mindfulness, zen, rocks, proper, clothing, sustainability, aware, conscious

Being mindful has become trendy, but we at Proper see it as much more than a fad. We have it as part of our mission to embody the principle in every action we do, in everything we eat, in every fiber of our being, and in every moment of our existence. Who wouldn’t want to be more considerate, more conscious, and more aware? Sometimes at Proper, we find that mindfulness in media fixates more on clean eating and being kind to others, but this is a limited scope of the power of mindfulness. Just like you would with the air you breathe, be conscious and aware of the clothing on your back (and front). Where does it come from? Was anyone harmed in the making of the clothing? What practices were used to harvest the very material that is omnipresent, touching your skin on a daily basis?

Some might say it is excessive to think about all these things. But this would not be mindful. We must take into consideration all the hard work being put to bring us the clothing that we wear daily that most of us take for granted. Put forth the energy to make sure that every person in the clothing process was fairly treated and compensated. Understand the holistic lifestyle of the clothing you wear, from unrefined form it grows in, to the processes involved to turn it into the warm, snug, and inviting items that take you day to night, to clothes that complement your form and actions no matter what environment you’re in. Take whatever steps needed to help the earth and the people that it graciously hosts, and help yourself in the process.

Being mindful is an all-encompassing practice. Put good things in your body, put good energy out to all those around you, and put good clothes on your back. We’ve done the work taking in all the considerations for you. You can do good knowing that the clothing you wear doesn’t use any chemical pesticides and is all organically grown, which helps limit the impact on the Earth and soil degradation. You can also rest easy knowing that we source our textiles from factories in LA, where the workers are treated fairly (we have even gone to confirm this in person ourselves). Finally, know that you are helping with the overwhelming waste problem we have. It’s a travesty that we continue to use water bottles and mass sell enormous cases of them, but it is a fortune that we have found a good use that will help give them a second life.

Not saying you should let us do your work for you, but we can definitely help out with part of the mindful mission. Now go forth in your eco-friendly threads and let’s save the world, one recycled and consciously made thread at a time.