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Waster Bottles

Gabriella Gordillo

proper, water bottles, waster bottles, recycled polyester, ethical, gender neutral, unisex, sustainable

Water. The essence of life. It is necessary for all things to exist and grow and flourish. And yet, capitalism has wrapped its pervasive tentacles around the basic nectar of life and managed to turn it into a for profit industry. How do they do this? Through water bottles. They create plastic (a material that is the opposite of biodegradable, it will never erode on its own) to “conveniently” capture water to take on the go. The power of marketing really shines here, because the convenience outweighs and also makes people forget about the environmental impact.

Plastic water bottles are one of the greatest and most wide spread examples of waste on this planet that is carelessly used and discarded. I have even volunteered at river and creek cleanups and I find myself always digging out plastic bottles, which is ironic because there is a source of flowing water right next to it. Granted it isn't "clean" by our standards, but there is no reason we need to take water that's already out in the world and existing and unnecessarily put it into receptacles with the intention of throwing them away afterwards. 

The water bottle industry is a billion dollar industry, which is a huge travesty. The fact that people are making money off of a life necessity shows how people value a dollar more than a life. Almost 80% of water bottles are thrown away and end up in a landfill. We need to do two things: use reusable water bottles and reuse the plastic bottles that are thrown away. 

Artisan water is a fraudulent practice. Water is water. If it comes from a different source (a different glacier), it may pick up different elements and minerals on its journey melting from the ice caps down to a river, but this doesn’t necessarily make one type of water better than the other. We thought for the longest time that water with fluoride would be good for strengthening our teeth. This was why officials started adding fluoride to our tap water, to reduce tooth decay. However, it turns out fluoride does more harm than good. Nowadays, over 50% of youth have dental fluorosis, a condition that discolors and mottles your tooth enamel. The lesson of this story is that water comes in the form that nature intended it to be. We don’t need fancy filtered artisan cultured water from nice looking bottles. We can do just fine with reusable bottles (that can be high tech enough to keep the water cold or hot for long periods of time). It has been reported that more than half of bottled water comes from tap. So why are you paying extra for something you already get from your home?

In addition to being purely unnecessary and for profit, the energy that is routed towards bottling water would be enough to power 190,000 homes. If we average 3 people per home, that would be enough to keep 570,000 people out of the dark and doing the activities they like that require electricity. Other environmental impacts of bottled water is that it takes 3 times more water to produce a plastic bottle than to fill one. This is incredibly ironic, especially now when water is becoming a limited resource. There is a water scarcity crisis in Africa, and we are squandering more of the precious liquid to simply create containers to store it, that we then carelessly discard. 

It has been reported that only one in every 5 water bottles are actually recycled. We need to promote more recycling and less landfill waste cluttering. Our agenda aligns perfectly with recycling, because we are finding a great use for recycled bottles that is fun, accessible, open, and functional for all people. We care greatly about promoting ethics when it comes to clothing, every step of the way. You know the drill, but if we can't cut off problems at the source, then we want to reuse, repurpose, reduce, and be inclusive and accessible to all while we do it. Our Compressor Leggings and Prevailer Bomber both are made out of our recycled polyester, which is our water bottle fabric. Plus, the compressor leggings have zip pockets on the side. Look fly while doing social good, that's the Proper way.