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Understand the brand behind fashion revolution. We explore topics such as sustainability, gender identity, wellness practices, and more.

What we're made of

Gabriella Gordillo

eco-friendly, sustainable recycled water bottle textiles

Part of our greater mission is to do environmental good for the world. In order for us to progress that agenda, we didn't think it was enough to just preach good practice, but to actually engage in it. That is what inspired us to look into using textiles that are sustainable and renewable. We want to reduce our impact on the world, and why not start with clothing, something that every person wears every day, as a means to facilitate this change?


Recycled Water Bottles

Water bottles are one of the biggest things plaguing this planet. The plastic never goes away, and yet people use them to no end, instead of drinking from a reusable water bottle. If people won't stop using them, then let's figure out a way to tackle this problem from a different end.

Welcome our recycled polyester (PET) into the picture. This polyester differs from traditional polyester in its production: using 90% less water and no harmful chemicals or fossil fuels, less agricultural land, and diverts waste from landfills. It also requires less energy consumption, reducing it by 84% compared to traditional polyester production. For the sake of the ozone layer, we are able to cut CO2 emissions by 77%. It also doesn't need to be grown, so eliminates need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers, which can help limit soil contamination.

It has a smooth, silky, and soft feel while maintaining some stretch for that active day to night lifestyle. The quality is not compromised compared to virgin polyester. 'The Prevailer', our bomber made 91% out of recycled water bottles, is breathable and comfortable to wear during hot days, and insulating and warm enough for the colder, breezier nights. Also, the material repels liquid; it rolls right off! The fabric is soft and durable, as well as wrinkle, shrink, and stain resistant. Why not use up a product that is massively produced and never goes away (water bottles) while helping transform the way polyester is produced to be more environmentally conscious?


Organic Bamboo

Feeling funky fresh: bamboo has an antibacterial, antifungal bio-agent called "Bamboo-Kun" that helps deter pests and bacteria. This same agent follows the journey from raw bamboo to bamboo fabric, killing all bacteria and keeping the wearer fresh, healthier, and more hygienic. Bamboo fabric also is also covered in microgaps at its cross-section which allows for moisture absorption and better ventilation. It keeps you two degrees cooler in heat and noticeably warmer in the cold!

Bamboo is also hypoallergenic: the fibers are produced with no pesticides or other chemicals (thanks to "Bamboo-Kun"), and they are naturally smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs that irritate the skin. This also gives bamboo fabric a silky smooth feel, for the comfort of the wearer. 

A renewable resource, bamboo grows rapidly and can naturally replenish itself thanks to its extensive root system. This eliminates the need for clunky gas-guzzling machinery to mass produce it. The textiles we create from bamboo are 100% biodegradable, and will not decompose to release any harmful pollutants such as methane gas.

The whole cycle from harvesting to creating the fabric is eco-friendly and minimizes damage to the earth, since bamboo is such a self-sustaining plant. The properties of bamboo help produce soft, silky, antibacterial clothes that also naturally protect from UV rays. There are countless natural benefits to wearing bamboo clothing, are you convinced to make the switch?


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton uses no pesticides or chemical fertilizers to produce, which means none of these harmful products end up on your skin. In the U.S., 25% of all pesticides are applied to cotton. If you find your skin being irritated or you having an allergic reaction from wearing some clothes, you'll know why.

Avoid this problem with organic cotton. Not only is it kind to your skin, but it also preserves the integrity of soil. We don't know how pervasive chemicals are and how deep they seep into soil, but we do know that everything goes into a cycle that touches humans somehow, whether we wear or ingest it. In addition, five of the top nine pesticides used on cotton have been documented to cause cancer. Why are we still engaging in this (literally) toxic pattern?

Better feel: besides chemical pesticides and fertilizers, harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, dyes, and other synthetic additives can react negatively with skin and also irritate it. Organic cotton makes for clothing that is healthier and has a softer feel on the skin. 

eco-friendly, sustainable, bamboo fabric

Get earth-friendly, gender neutral clothes without sacrificing quality, comfort, or style. Promote better treatment of humans and the earth, be a part of a fashion revolution. Get Proper.