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Understand the brand behind fashion revolution. We explore topics such as sustainability, gender identity, wellness practices, and more.

Ethics and Sustainability

Gabriella Gordillo

Unisex sustainable ethical clothing made from bamboo, cotton, and recycled water bottles

Ethics and sustainability. Two topics that are gaining momentum in the public eye, for good reason. But what do they really mean? We at Proper Attire US believe this means that every step involved in creating a product has regard for doing good for the world and the people involved in the process.


We use fabrics made from recyclable material, such as water bottles, or sustainability sourced, such as cotton and bamboo. The earth has been a generous hostess to us, and by using plastic water bottles (which never go away), we can cut off the toxic cycle of producing more waste for convenience, and produce something good with it instead. We also use renewable materials such as organic bamboo and cotton. By using material that is biodegradable and chemical free, we can ensure that the lifecycle of the product is compatible with the earth and won't produce more waste.

We support the labour and hard work of people in the factory we get our textiles from, instead of taking the easy route and mass producing in some country that could be using illegal child laborers. We pride ourselves in our honest and transparent supply chain, which is why we are happy to introduce our factory in LA, IndieSource.

Proper team at IndieSource discussing materials and plans.

Proper team at IndieSource discussing materials and plans.

Indie Source is committed to producing clothes in America. Clothing that is outsourced is harmful for workers as well as the environment and American economy. When we try to cut corners for cost, everyone suffers. The factories compete to make wages cheaper and cheaper, and as a result there is a complete disregard for worker safety on the job and decent working conditions. In addition, factories located out of the US are displacing American seamstresses, because of their willingness to disregard basic human safety and rights in their factories in order to keep costs low. American seamstresses and patternmakers are becoming an extinct species!

We at Proper Attire US understand the trickle down impact of decisions. We support our talented pattern makers and seamstresses at IndieSource. That is why we are happy to support locally made clothing created under great working conditions, and aid in the ethical clothing revolution.


The fashion industry is incredible wasteful. Millions of articles of clothing, created in a hurry out of cheap and nonrecyclable materials, end up in landfills and incinerators every year. Some say that fashion is implicitly contradictory to sustainability, since it relies on consumers picking up latest trends and engaging in the cycle. We are here to redefine fashion. Looking and feeling good is all it takes to be fashionable. Let us disassociate fashion with trends and consumerism, and instead associate it with quality, durability, comfort, and style in pieces that have longevity.

Proper team deciding on fabrics.

Proper team deciding on fabrics.

Our goal is a one and done shop. We have created pieces that are so basic, high quality, and functional that there is truly no need for other apparel. We want to eliminate this need for people to constantly purchase new iterations of the same article, in pursuit for the "perfect" piece. The search is over: we have what you are looking for right here.


One subset of sustainability and ethics is social good. We care about people. With our unisex, gender neutral collection, we want to usher in a new age of accessibility and acceptance towards all people. We are gender blind, we just see people from the inside out and value their personalities and ideas above all. That is why our collection seeks to cater to everyone regardless of gender or nongender, through incredibly simple means. Our Ten Essentials collection is basic and necessary for everyone who lives and breathes, taking outfits from day to night, from work to play, without ever impairing their day to day life. We understand that people are constantly changing in every way, and we wanted to create an ethical, sustainable brand that you can always rely on, even when everything else in life may be chaotic. Look and feel good from the outside, and inner peace will follow.


In essence, ethics and sustainability to us comes down to people and Earth, and doing good for both in every possible way. We want to be considerate of all the people involved in bringing our vision to life, from those physically creating our clothing to those who support and endorse our brand. We also want to be conscious of human kind's bigger picture impact on the earth and minimize the damage we will do. Our passion falls at the junction of these topics and clothing, and thus, we are hoping to accomplish this greater mission through Proper Attire US.