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Understand the brand behind fashion revolution. We explore topics such as sustainability, gender identity, wellness practices, and more.

'The Prevailer'

Gabriella Gordillo

The bomber jacket has been solidifying itself as a classic wardrobe staple in recent years, to rival even the inimitable leather jacket. Bombers have an effortless, sporty edge to them, instantly making both men and women look elegant and cool. When we decided we wanted to include a bomber jacket in the '10 Essentials' collection, we knew it was going to have to be a good one. We had a feeling from the start it was going to be one of the standout pieces of the entire collection. And so far, we have been right.

Everyone that has come by the Proper Attire US studio in recent weeks: models, friends, whoever, has tried on the bomber and fallen in love. This is mostly because of the feel of it, but also how it makes them feel. It is such a cool and flattering silhouette, stylish in its simplicity, and so easy to wear and dress up or down.

Gabriella and friend Carlo in matching Prevailers in the studio.

Gabriella and friend Carlo in matching Prevailers in the studio.

Versatility was key in our quest for the perfect fabric for 'The Prevailer'. Especially considering the often bipolar weather of the Bay Area, we needed to find a textile that was light and comfortable enough to wear on a good day, but one that could also hold in warmth when the clouds start rolling in.

Finding the perfect fabric proved a tricky process, but nevertheless, we prevailed. One factor that was incredibly important in our decision making was the sustainability of the textile we chose. Making as many ethical, conscientious choices as possible and aiming to reduce our impact on our planet, that is key to the Proper Attire US ethos. After weeks of frustration, falling in love with countless swatches only to discover they were not eco-friendly, we finally found what we were looking for from Eclat USA. With an office based out of LA, their mission, taken from their website, is to provide 'safe, healthy textile products' that help contribute to 'the harmony between human being and global environment'....Perfect match!

Sade loved the bomber.

Sade loved the bomber.

The bomber's heavy-weight, interlock knit fabric is made up of 91% recycled polyester(PET). In layman's terms: the bomber is almost entirely made up of recycled plastic water bottles! Unlike the production of regular ol' polyester, which is an energy-hungry, non-sustainable process that uses huge amounts of water, harmful chemicals and damaging fossil fuels, this ‘green’ polyester uses 90% less water, less agricultural land, and even helps in diverting waste from landfills! Plus it has a super-smooth surface, soft hand-feel and slight stretch for movement and flexibility.

Find yourself a perfect match with 'The Prevailer'. Customize it to your liking for an extra $30, and add your name to this timeless, stylish piece that truly represents the person you are.

You can pre-order 'The Prevailer' today in our online store. As always, $5 from each garment sold will go to Ditch The Label, an organisation offering support to those affected by bullying.