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Understand the brand behind fashion revolution. We explore topics such as sustainability, gender identity, wellness practices, and more.

What Does Gender Really Mean To You?

Gabriella Gordillo

Everyone has an idea of the person they want to be. Maybe it’s simply a matter of how you prefer to be treated (which, very often, directly correlates to the person you exude on the outside). Whether or not gender plays a role in your perception of should not DETRACT from anyone else’s perception of you.

In today’s culture, gender perception is as emotionally charged a subject as ever. We don’t mean to make the claim that gender doesn’t have a definition or a role in society. Rather, our aim is to merely make each person ask themselves what gender means to them. And why?

How has gender played a role in your life? How has it affected your shopping experience? Think of the people you know and love… how has their gender affected your perception of them? Is your perception fair?

Proper Attire is seeking to break down gender stereotypes through clothing. We believe that people should be considered independent of their gender, and as a human first and foremost. Our clothing is fitted and flattering for all genders, and the goal is to help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin, as well as literally comfortable in our ethically sourced fabrics. We think that's pretty unisexy.

$5 from every Proper Attire US garment will go to the charity Ditch the Label, an organization dedicated to challenging social norms, addressing the roots of bullying behaviors, and offering support to those struggling with acceptance or respect. If this is a cause you would like to further support, our ‘What Does Gender Really Mean?’ tee donates 25% of its profits to this organization.

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