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Understand the brand behind fashion revolution. We explore topics such as sustainability, gender identity, wellness practices, and more.


Gabriella Gordillo


The name came from back when our founder Gabriella was working on a streetwear collection in LA. The mainstay of her business in those early days was one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces she designed for people she admired. Wanting to pad out the offering a bit, she started a branded collection to offer alongside her commissioned pieces. A friend visiting from the Bay Area dubbed her collection “Hella Proper”. Proper Attire US was born.

So what is a “Proper” lifestyle? We aren’t the experts on life, nor will we tell you what to do. What we can do is recommend a conscious lifestyle. THINK about what you buy. Where did it come from? What is it made out of? Why are you wearing it?

Think about what you eat. What you do with your time. How you treat and interact with others. Are you making choices that improve the world around you? Do you believe that your choices can make a difference?

We do.

We believe every person is a catalyst for change and can affect the world on a higher magnitude than they initially believe. Proper Attire US is a brand that a socially conscious person can stand behind. If we discuss health, nutrition, art, or other passions... it is due to the strong belief that everything that you choose to curate in your own life can elevate the world as a whole, regardless of your gender, skin color,  or sexuality. And if making full, healthy, conscious, impactful decisions is a lifestyle, I’d say that’s pretty ‘Proper’.