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Understand the brand behind fashion revolution. We explore topics such as sustainability, gender identity, wellness practices, and more.


Gabriella Gordillo

Do you have a favorite hoodie? A pair of pants so comfortable you’ve sneakily worn them multiple times in one week? How about that jacket that somehow matches EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT?

Something you’ll hear the team saying is that we (Proper Attire US) take the guesswork out of shopping. This line came from a shared love of active lifestyle and the clothing that enables it while still looking sleek. Deciding whether to start off with men’s or women’s was a moot point. Everyone wears tee shirts. Everyone wears joggers. Sweats have been a mainstay for both sexes since.. the eighties?

It would be dancing around an elephant in the room to say it is an emotionally charged period in our nation’s history. Now is a critical moment that can forever impact the history of the world. If there is one thing we could work towards right now--each person, in their own small way--it's equality. Equality is one thing we can promote in our everyday actions. Athleisure is one facet of fashion where there is no need for barriers. It is for every size, every shape, every sex. Come join us in this revolution for accessible fashion.

What makes athletic clothing… iconic? The way it allows you to move. The way it allows your limbs to flex and your skin to breathe. The way it never goes out of style (because of its simplicity and functionality) while we watch countless fads and trends come and go. The way it is pervasive and necessary for all genders, all lifestyles, all people.

Introducing the Ten Essentials. We offer the core basics that any outfit can be built off of. Instill a little more activity and a little more comfort into your life. The Ten Essentials come in monochromatic colors (black is the new black) that you can adhere to or match with other pieces for a pop of color. Whether it's shorts, joggers, or leggings, we know you will be able to run, walk, dance, or skip while looking stylish with our collection. Wear our Prevailer bomber to work, to run errands, or on a night out with friends. Comfort meets trendiness in our collection.

Our Ten Essentials accommodate any person with any lifestyle, as well as any gender or size. Feel satisfaction in knowing that you are wearing the best quality as well as environmentally conscious fabrics. No more wasteful fashion, no more differentiation between genders. All anyone needs are the basics. Look and feel your best while promoting equality in the Ten Essentials.

Pick a fit that you envision for yourself and our expert stylists will help you achieve the look you are going for. Less guesswork, more time to do great things. And if what you are looking for is comfortable staple items of the best (and ethical) quality, then give us a try already!

We can’t wait until you discover what we’ve been working on.



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