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The Team

Meet the people trying to redefine fashion and introduce a new wave of eco-friendly, functional, and conscious clothing. 


Our story...

Proper Attire US started as a street wear label accompanying a thriving bespoke jacket business in 2015. As a certified fitness instructor, and athletic apparel line was an obvious route for founder Gabriella Gordillo to take. In its early implementations, Proper Attire US won awards in menswear design. Gabriella was passionate about the attention to detail and clean aesthetic that drives the menswear market, but saw a market for a collection that was equally available to men and women.

Assembling a team of designers--each with different points of expertise--the line has been a project of passion that has come together through many early mornings, late nights and necessary runs to LA. We currently work out of our Berkeley office with our pet succulents and morning yoga rituals.